Manabí (english)

Current situation

The issue at hand is not what has to be done, since everything has to be done, or redone.  The ecuadorian coast endures economic desolation; the continuous threat of the sea and, most recently, a 7.8 earthquake that devastated the area on April 16th 2016.

The aftershocks have not ceased, there is still a dreaded seism to occur soon in the neighbouring province of Esmeraldas. We have no news about urban reorganisation projects in the area or any official plans.  If tourism were to return, it will surely visit the coastal beaches that remain untouched by the quake.

Topography is not friendly, only a great wave, unrequited on its way by the inroads shrimp farms have opened, could cut all roads and whatever towns it finds in its way would drift into isolation.  There is still no information or security measures on this topic.

Such events push time out of its hinges, disorder sways in our heads with no reference to our surroundings.  Despite all efforts to erase everything, forget and start again, we should recur to our long-term experience and bring up the memory of our hands also. to act in this present inaccurate perspectives.

In spite of broken digital communications; people´s verbal fluidity is unstopped: economic, cultural or social projects flourish in their neighbourly initiatives to restore life’s equilibrium.   La Factoría is ready to join this courageous enterprise by means of a three week reconstruction workshop.    

The memory in our hands / A workshop on seismic zone construction

La Factoría and and its partners are committed to provide the design, monitoring, and implementation of a structure and follow up of the construction of a Center for any commune of the coast on a place legally defined by their beneficiaries and project managers.

Protocol and chronology

Before construction starts it is necessary to assure water supply, electric power and sanitary disposal of black water. 

To ensure the rigor and discipline, availability, punctuality and commitment of the participants, we are eager to reward the daily presence of 10 local workers, covering their expenses nutrition with the sums of money collected from various organizations.

The adequacy of the structure that ensures a roof, will be evolutionary as the initiatives of the managers responsible for the activities and their future.

Roof insulation of a lightweight, translucent component is under study.

Once the final planning and fundraising is concluded we estimate a period of 10 to 15 days to implement this project.  The blueprints of the construction will be approved by the committee.


Considering the urgent need for a space to house the economic, cultural and social initiatives of the inhabitants of the communes, it is important and urgent to reach out to local private and public entities, as well as international donors. We should unite forces with local volunteers and La Factoría and his collaborators so as to reach this particular goal.

The architecture

The structure will respond to the geographical and economic conditions, it will be a light structure, in accordance with the environment. The construction materials will include bamboo, wood, aluminium and steel so as to ensure a flexible assembly of the structure that will result in a building that offers both resistance and safety.  

The flooring will be a cement foundation of 12 cm inserted on a metal mesh that will be complemented with wooden floating boards. This floor will be tied to four foundational pillars that will be tied together by chains.

The central columns holding the roof will be two huge shelves and the staircase to the second floor for the office and training area.

The roof will cover almost the totality of the land and will be finished in the future with paja toquilla.  A a provisional and waterproof roof is under way. This roof will be sitting on the bamboo columns that will hold the modular work tables for library and workshop areas.

We are ready with budget plans and logistics for acting anywhere.

Methodology and pedagogy

Our architecture methodology is to have an open ear and a ready pencil to jot down the necessities of the recipients of this project. 

Therefore, narrative is the corner stone of this project. Through this method the beneficiaries will feel proprietors of the project.  We will take the opportunity to confront the experience of North Sea fishermen, who live for centuries, 5 meters under water. Its evolving relationship with the sea and buildings.

New technologies will help visualize in a three dimension manner the project in its different stages. Understanding is the main premise in order to own and contribute to the completion of this project. Being able to visualize will enable all the neighbors to voice their concerns and awaken the ancestral technologies that sleep in their hands.  This familial knowledge that lies in the body is crucial for our actions.

The experiment will be documented for extensive research of the place and its methodology can be replicated.

Over the last five years la Factoría built economic and seismic resistance constructions that proved to be effective during the recent test in the coast and in the highlands where we built different prototypes with traditional constructing material and local craftsmanship.

This is an opportunity to summon The Catholic University of Guayaquil, by means of activating the agreement we hold in order to request for their participation and support. It should be clear that our support and execution is pro bono and that La Factoría reserves its rights to the design and concept that should not be reproduced without our explicit authorization.